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Whole House Systems

With whole house entertainment systems you can enjoy your favorite CD, radio station or iPod playlist as you travel from room to room with no need for extra devices! With this system, you can watch a Blu-Ray disc, listen to your favorite CD, or tune in to your favorite radio station and have it transmitted throughout your entire house or to certain rooms.

Have other equipment you'd like to integrate? No Problem! We can help you integrate your iPod, Satellite Radio, HDTV, Music Hard-drive, Computer, as well as many other devices into your whole house system!

Imagine engaging the kitchen speaker system while preparing dinner, or perhaps some soft background music in the dining room while entertaining guests. The back porch is a great place as well. You choose what rooms you want your system in!

Whole house systems range from simple to advanced and can be controlled in a variety of ways through remotes and keypads. We will be happy to consult you on what rooms your systems should be in and what equipment is right for your home.

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